Menu Promo Privacy Policy 

Credit card information:

  • Menu Promo does not store any credit card data.
  • Menu Promo uses the services of Stripe to process all credit card / debit card transactions.
  • Click on this link to visit Stripe Privacy Notice:

Menu Promo collects data:

  • During account creation and updates provided by users on all Menu Promo platforms and technologies.
  • While using Menu Promo platforms including location data, device data, IP address, operating systems, preferred languages, software versions, app usage data and more.
  • From other parties including Menu Promo partners and third parties using Menu Promo APIs.
  • When users contact Menu Promo for customer support.
  •  When users submit by email, fax, or phone any information, feedbacks, photographs and recordings. All photographs and / or recordings submitted to Menu Promo will remain the property of Menu Promo.

How Menu Promo will use all the data collected:

  • To detect and fight against fraud and unsafe activities.
  • To improve customer support, product development, user experience, new features in connection with Menu Promo service and technology.
  • To promote Menu Promo services to our users.
  • To sent communications to our users.
  • To generate receipts to our users.
  • To inform our users about the changes in our policy, our terms, our services and more.
  • To address and investigate disputes and claims in relations to Menu Promo services.

Menu Promo use cookies and third-party technologies:

  • To track, report and analyze promotion campaigns, user interest, online behavior and traffic.
  • To authenticating users
  • To validate orders purchased on Menu Promo platforms
  • To lock in user preferences and settings.

Who Menu Promo will share personal data with:

  • Third party delivery services or delivery person:  the names, address, contact number, detailed invoices of the order and the breakdown of all amount charged to the users that requires delivery.
  • Other business partners including payment processor companies, marketing consultant firms, social media companies, point of sale (POS) providers, professional service providers such as insurance company, lawyers and accountants.
  • Public health officials, law enforcement departments and government authorities.

Privacy Update Notices

  • We will notify you of any updates to this privacy notice. The use of Menu Promo platform after receiving the updated privacy notice, constitutes your consent of the updated notice.